1. Kemper Freestyle (1990)


    “Pure perfection in motion – earth or air. The Freestyle 165 and 155 can fulfil every boarder’s aspirations for their most radical high energy rides. The amazing handling abilities of these boards go far beyond the imagination” - Kemper Snowboards, 1990.

    Before they were purchased by an in-line skate company four years later, Kemper was a solid brand with a talented team and plenty of followers. Their iconic triangle (green), circle (blue), square (pink) logo replicated on the top sheet of this model had plenty of coverage.

    One of the selling features that characterised all the models in the ’90 line was “Kevlar Reinforcement” which was basically a few strips of Kevlar between the p-tex base and the ash wood core laminate. Another feature carried throughout the range was bright fluoro. Lots of it. You would struggle to lose a mate in snowstorm if they were decked out in Kemper outerwear from this vintage.

    Andy Hetzel

    Andy Hetzel

    Andy Hetzel, Rich Varga, Dave Dowd, Brett Johnson

    Dave Dowd

    Justin Jimenez

    Brett Johnson

    JD Platt

    JD Platt

    Adam Merriman

    Kathy Dean, Dave Dowd, Adam Merriman


    Nick Perata

    Nick Perata

    Rich Varga

    Kurt Heine

    Team Kemper